What We Do as a SCI Chapter

Annual Banquet & Fundraiser

This is a time to work together with other Chapter members and invite the entire community to an event where fun, food, and great people meet. Hunts, guns, merchandise, trips and all sorts of outdoor related products can be found. These banquets are legendary in their communities.

Chapter Members Meetings

We hold regularly organized meetings to discuss our missions and how best to accomplish it. These regular meetings involve not only business but time to get together with old and new friends to talk about hunting and the things we all have in common.

SCI Chapter Network

The place where virtually all SCI leaders begin their involvement and where most keep it. Each Chapter is a voting member of the SCI Board of Directors, and has a real opportunity to affect the current and future path SCI will take. Truly, the best of the best reside within the Chapter ranks of SCI.

Chapters & The Community

We hold events in local communities – hosting banquets and organizing humanitarian, educational, and conservation projects for their communities.